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Peanut Butter Egg

Our large 2D eggs are made with solid Belgian milk or white chocolate and decorated with various sweets and chocolates.  All eggs pictured can also be made with a Belgian white chocolate base, please state this preference when at the check out.

Orange - Belgian milk chocolate egg topped with Belgian orange chocolate buttons, smarties orange eggs and terry's chocolate orange segments.  A personal favourite of mine, just the correct balance of creamy chocolate with the orange flavouring kicking in.

Oreo - Belgian milk chocolate base topped with oreo bites, oreo filled chocolate eggs and crushed oreo biscuit.  An ideal choice for those Oreo fans

Galaxy - Belgian milk chocolate base topped with halved galaxy caramel eggs placed downwards (to allow the caramel to ooze into the chocolate base), Galaxy golden eggs and the added crunch from Galaxy Minstrels.  What more is there to say other that the creamy milk chocolate lovers dream.

Caramel - Belgian milk chocolate base topped with halved Cadbury caramel eggs (to allow the caramel to ooze into the chocolate base), Giant Caramac buttons, Caramac bar pieces and mini rolos.  Packed full of oozy goey caramel goodness.

Mint - Belgian chocolate base topped with dark chocolate mint after eights, Mint Matchmaker sticks and Mint Aero bubbles both whole and crushed.  Mint flavour with every bites.

Pick & Mix - Belgian chocolate base topped with this delicious mix of treats brought to us by Nestle complete with Cocolate Aero Bubbles, mini Toffee Crisp, Rolo and Smarties.  Not only colourful but packs a great taste too.

Malteaser - Belgian chocolate base topped with crunchy Malteasers, Malteaser buttons and not forgetting Malteaser bunnies.  Cute enough to eat every bite.

Peanut Butter - Belgian chocolate base topped with Reeces Peanut Butter bunnies, Reeces Pieces, Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut Butter M&Ms.  What's 'nut' to love!

White Chocolate - Belgian Milk chocolate base topped with white chocolate Kitkat, Milky bar pieces, Milky Buttons, Snowies and white chocolate Ice Cream cones, not forgetting a white chocolate hippo wallowing in the middle.

Kinder - Belgian Chocolate base topped with Kinder Bueno pieces, Kinder egg pieces, Kinder chocolate bars and finished off with a Kinder Hippo.  A popular favourite with kids and big kids too.

Peppa - a Belgian chocolate muddy puddle base topped with a creamy strawberry chocolate Peppa, surrounded by drum'chick' sweets, haribo fried eggs, snowies, chocolate Ice Cream sweets and pink marshmallows.  Definitely the only muddle puddle your little one won't want to jump in.

Trucks - Belgian milk chocolate base topped with 2 trucks/diggers surrounded by drum'chick' sweets, snowies, Haribo fried eggs and blue marshmallows. 

Rainbow - Belgian milk chocolate base topped with a mass of colour!  From party rings to skittles to rainbow bites plus gummi bears and foam mushrooms - this egg has got it all.  Definitely tasting the rainbow with every bite.  

Easter - Belgian milk chocolate base topped with the epitome of Easter.  A Malteaser bunny, Kinder Hippo, Mini Eggs, Jelly Carrots, Spring themed Haribo sweets, this egg has Easter and Spring time written all over it.

Please send us a facebook message, text on 07703512558, or an email to, with which eggs you wish to order, and also the date of collection or delivery by date.

If you wish to collect these from our shop please select "click and collect" at checkout

Flossy Treats is based in Galgorm, just outside Ballymena, Co. Antrim. We are a family business who strive to give the customer the sweetest experience possible. If you have a chocolate fan we can also make Personalised Hampers filed with all of their favourite chocolate, and sweets, Gift bags or even Corporate products to suit all budgets and ranges.

For more information on any of our products or for what we can offer you please get in touch via the contact us page at the top of the home screen or else via the Facebook Messenger app in the bottom right hand corner.


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