Lions Midget Gems

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Midget Gems

Lions Midget Gems are the 'king' when it comes to midget gems, known for their firm chew and intense flavours! These juicy, fruity gems come in assortment of different flavours, that include lime, pear, orange, blackcurrant, apricot and raspberry. The black midget gems are still liquorice flavoured- just as they should be.

Perfect for chewing on the go or sharing with friends and family, these miniature sweets are also great for birthday celebrations and party favours.

Lion Midget Gems are made by Tangerine using the original recipe from Lion with the distinctive fruity flavours. These delicious small original Midget Gums come with that superb taste that everyone knows and loves. You can have confidence knowing these Midget Gums are made with only natural colours and flavours.

Our Midget Gems are priced per traditional quarter, which is 113g, sweets will be packaged in bags. We can also provide various larger quantities such as: 200g, 500g, 750g, 1 kilo, 1.5 kilos.

Or why not purchase yourself a Traditional Victorian style clear plastic jar either in small which is 380ml or large which is 500ml in size. Want or need bigger? You can purchase our square 2.5 litre sweet Jar to keep all your favourite sweets at hand for longer. Sweet Jars are ideal for parties and special occasions or even as a treat jar for your own home.

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