Treat your friends and family to an old time favourite.

Candy Floss made fresh on a stick in front of your eyes. Our staff will make fluffy light candy floss that will melt in your mouth. The candy floss can be made in a variety of colours such as pink or blue, or a more novel colour such as the colour of a bridesmaid dress or for a seasonal occasion like purple and orange for Hallowe’en.

Prefer not to have candy floss on stick, then you can have it in a tub so you can take it home with you. Or why not a personalised tub with your children’s’ favourite cartoon character, name or message on it.

To secure your date we ask for a small deposit at the time of booking and the remainder to be paid before your event. We cater for weddings and events all over Northern Ireland and parts of the Republic of Ireland, so no matter where you are please get in touch.