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At Flossy Treats we aim to add the sweet factor to your big day and we have lots of different packages to help you achieve that.

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13. January 2016 by FlossyTreats
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Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for a different idea for your kids party, then why not visit Flossy Treats, located in Galgorm Business Centre, Ballymena with ample free parking.

We cater for all age groups, including adults. We use only the finest Belgium chocolate in our chocolate and truffle making workshops.

At the party kids get to make a chocolate pizza, and either a lollipop or bar.  Each person then decorates their own creation with a large selection of sweets.  The pizza can be made using white, milk or half and half Belgium chocolate, while the lollipop and bar are all one colour of chocolate with a drizzle of the other chocolate on top.

Kids will enjoy the interaction with the hosts, free drinks are also provided for the kids and tea/coffee for the parents.  At the end of the workshop the children will get their hand made items back to package up to take home.

Do you wonder what kind of party bags to give to all the children?  All this can be taken care of at Flossy Treats as we can provide pic-N-mix bags, sweet cones, lollipops, candy floss tubs, and popcorn tubs – all of which are personalised for you.

We can also come to your venue if you prefer, where we provide the following: chocolate fountains with a selection of mouth watering treats.  The chocolate fountain will be manned by a qualified member of staff who will remain for the duration of the event. A hand made candy cart is another option.  This cart is supplied fully filled with all your favourite sweets. At the end of your event any remaining sweets on the cart are bagged and left for your guests.

Or, why not consider the old favourite – popcorn, served in cinema style tubs or candy floss which comes in a colour you choice.

A small deposit is all that is required to make your day at Flossy Treats one to remember.

Further info is available by contacting a member of the team on 07703512558 or email



13. January 2016 by FlossyTreats
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Birthday Parties at Flossy Treats

Are you celebrating a birthday party?


Then why not come to Flossy treats and learn how to make chocolate on your birthday.

Join us at a chocolate workshop where we will guide you from start to finish, where you will become a chocolatier. Come and make chocolate items such as chocolate pizzas, chocolate bars, and chocolate lollipops.

We use only the finest Belgium chocolate with no additives and will prepare it, ready for your creations. We normally use either white or milk, but we can use two strengths of dark chocolate as well as flavoured coloured chocolate.

On your table you will find a selection of different sweets, fudges and dried fruits etc to add into your chocolate. We will vary these depending on the age of the person. We take all necessary precautions for allergies and we wont use nuts unless specifically asked to do so.

During our parties we will provide everything needed to make a masterpiece, including sweet toppings, aprons and a few hints and tips along the way. Kids will be given juice/water and adults can avail of tea & coffee. If you wish to serve food, you can have access to our cooking facilities which can be discussed upon booking.

We cater for small groups of up to 25 people, from the very young to the very old! We advise that very young children are given a helping hand from an adult. We ask for a minimum of 8 people per party.


To book simply call the team on 07703512558 or feel free to email us at, or check out our website

06. January 2016 by FlossyTreats
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